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3 Easy Ways to Give Your Cushion Covers a Vintage Look

3 Easy Ways to Give Your Cushion Covers a Vintage Look

Want to spruce up your home? Feel it lacks that luster? Or does it just look out of date or plain boring? But with the recession, you have little to spend on home décor. So why not instead re-use your old cushions covers and give them a vintage look by adding fabrics trims, applique, and ribbons. Read on for a few ideas to get you inspired.

3 Easy Ways to Give Your Cushion Covers a Vintage Look

Add A Gorgeous Fabric Slip:

A fabric slip has the very potential to make your old and boring cushions look exquisitely vintage. To create a slip for your sofa pillow covers, choose a fabric that goes well with your décor scheme. Using some shimmery, floral or glitzy fabric can serve the purpose for you.

Slips look better when done vertically on the cushion covers. This then gives the impression of a fabric that is sewed on in the center of the cushions. You just need to add some lace trims or luxurious velvet onto the longest sides and your cushion cover and you will have that needed vintage look without any help from a designer.

Add Ribbons/Trims:

Another simple way to beautify your cushion cover and give them a vintage look is by using fabric trims or ribbons. Accumulate a selection or ribbons and the fabric trims that complement each other so as to achieve the desired look. A beautiful look that you can opt for is using colored and patterned ribbons or the fabric trims alternatively. One wise way of doing this is using 5 different fabric trims or ribbons that can be of different colors, patterns and width so as to achieve a fashionable and an aesthetically appealing look.

Add Buttons:

Under this, you need to bring out all those beautiful and attractive buttons that you have saved in your kitty for all these years. It is also a very good example of recycling your old buttons. Buttons can be highly versatile as you can embellish them using your own design or sew buttons into a simple pattern at equal distances.

Circular appliqués designs work well using a variety of button sizes and sequins. Whilst pearl or gemstone buttons look nice sewed into lines at equal distances. Remember to opt for buttons that don’t stick out, you want them to be comfortable after all! Take note, here you’ll have to hand sew the buttons with the help of a needle.

Final Say

You can use either of the three methods to give your modern designed cushion a new and vintage look. For all, you creative chaps put on your creative hats and create something that looks all the way vintage. In case you lack on the creative front, you can directly buy the vintage cushion covers online. There are online handmade stores like that stock a great range of handmade and vintage cushion covers that are both appealing and alluring. The best part is all of these cushion covers are unique and original in every form.

How To Buy Artificial Turf Prices Per Square Metre

How To Buy Artificial Turf Prices Per Square Metre

If there’s an awesome way to transform your dull lawn into a gorgeous yard, then it would be through installing fake grass. While natural grass can look really cool, fake grass can be a bit better. With all factors in, rest assured that it brings a lot of benefits from your end.

How To Buy Artificial Turf Prices Per Square Metre

The first thing you might be thinking right now- price. Well, you can buy artificial turf prices per square meter. Read on and learn how much does turf cost. But before that, let’s figure out what’s great about synthetic grass.

Who can benefit from fake grass?

Fake grass is for everyone. It is ideal for kids, adults, and pets. It is also ideal for old people who could no longer manage physical aspects when it comes to looking at their garden. Now, they could either rely on either professional gardening company or friends and family to take good care of it. Fake grass is also a great option for most of the holiday homeowners who are more likely to visit their own properties occasionally knowing that they do not have enough time to maintain their own area.

Plus, no hefty maintenance tasks needed. Once installed, the artificial grass only needs little maintenance. This simply means that this frees up all time that you would have spent in summer months mowing your own lawn, which in turn would allow you to do something productive and at the same time more enjoyable with your own time.

Buying Synthetic grass per square meter

Synthetic grass can be purchased in various piles and cuts. When it comes to the price, it will depend on the density, color, and shape of the turf you need. Here’s a sample to give you a rough idea. For instance, if you need 2-tone pile fake grass for your lawn, then it might cost you somewhere between $35 and $50 for every square meter. If you need a dense fake grass, then you can expect a price between $50 and $60 for every square meter.

If you have decided to ask for quotes for both turf supply and installation, then the cost ideally falls between $50 and $70 for every square meter. However, if you need a much more intricate job using expensive turf, then you might pay more than $100.

It is advisable to ask for quotes from different suppliers and installers in order to make a comparison. They basically differ when it comes to price depending on several factors such as the appearance and the quality. Keep in mind that a top quality turf should last up to fifteen years. Just look for a reliable source and you may also include hiring the best removalists Hurstville in your home improvement list.

When buying synthetic turf per meter, you must not only look into your budget. You must also consider other deciding factors such as the quality, appearance and the size of your lawn that needs fake grass installation. However, the most important tip is inevitable. You must search for a trustworthy supplier and installer of fake grass in order to ensure that everything will work well from your end as a homeowner.

Four Reasons to Replace Old Hand Dryers with Modern Versions

Four Reasons to Replace Old Hand Dryers with Modern Versions

Most property owners are well past the stage of transitioning from the expensive costs associated with using paper towels in their bathrooms to installing hand dryers. But many of these property owners are currently in a situation where their hand dryers have become old and therefore need replacing. If this is a situation that you are currently in, here are four of the main reasons you should replace old hand dryers with modern versions.

Four Reasons to Replace Old Hand Dryers with Modern Versions

Increased Energy Efficiency

The number one reason you should replace old hand dryers with modern versions is that of the increased energy efficiency that most modern options provide. Many older hand dryers were manufactured in a time where the utility costs associated with operating them were not even taken into consideration.

Today, however, the world is much more environmentally conscious than it has ever been. This has led to the need for modern products to be as energy efficient as possible. With modern hand dryers, such as those offered at www.electricaldealsdirect.co.uk, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this increased energy efficiency while also decreasing your utility costs.

More Sanitary

Another reason that you should make the commitment to replace old hand dryers is that most modern versions are much more sanitary. Today’s manufacturers understand that hand dryers need to be created in a way that makes them as sanitary as possible.

This commitment to being sanitary can lead to creating a bathroom environment that is much more comfortable for patrons. While this may not seem like a big deal, the potential consequences of having an unsanitary bathroom on your property can literally be deadly.

More Effective

Not only are modern hand dryers more energy efficient and sanitary than older versions, but they are also much more effective. Most hand dryers manufactured today are designed to have fast drying times while maintaining low energy usage, which makes them the optimal hand drying solution for any bathroom.

It should also be noted that the increased effectiveness and sanitary benefits associated with modern hand dryers make patrons much more likely to use them. In the past, many patrons would simply avoid washing their hands or avoid drying them after washing. This increased the chance of spreading germs and potentially even diseases.

With today’s hand dryers, patrons see that they are much more inviting and effective, which raises the likelihood that they will be used. This further increases the sanitary benefits that come with them.

Enhance Your Image

If you are a property owner that wants patrons to feel as if they are in a top-notch environment, the quality and appeal of your bathrooms is something that has to be taken into consideration. While the look and feel of your hand dryers are something that you may not think is significant, it will undoubtedly be one of the subtleties that patrons notice when visiting your property or business.

What It Really Means to Shop at a Healthy Market

What It Really Means to Shop at a Healthy Market

To some people, shopping healthy means buying more fruits, vegetables, lean meat and whole grains to prepare meals that are better for them. For others, it’s about what they don’t buy that will make the difference. While the quality of food that we eat goes a long way towards determining how healthy we are today and in the future, making healthy choices goes well beyond that. It also means making better choices about the products we use to clean our homes, our bodies, and even our pets. My Healthy Market explains that “We help people get organic, natural, nutritious, wholesome products they can shop for online.”

What It Really Means to Shop at a Healthy Market

Types of Healthy Foods from the Healthy Market

It isn’t just about growing foods without chemicals that make them healthy. Today, more people understand that there are some ingredients in food that they can’t tolerate well or that will put them at greater risk for some health conditions down the road. Sodium-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free foods are a healthier choice for those with diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, celiac disease, and gluten allergy or sensitivity, as well as for anyone who is looking for a healthier way to eat meals and snacks.

Why Cleansers and Cleaners Should be Organic

Some people and pets alike have conditions that make their skin very sensitive. Even the mildest soaps can contain ingredients that are harsh and irritate their skin or cause allergic reactions. Some individuals also have problems when they come into contact with cleansers that have been used throughout the home. Many of the products that are purchased at the healthy market are non-irritating and non-allergenic to even those with the most sensitive skin.

A Different Approach to Feeding Your Dog

There is a lot of publicity today on the ingredients found in dog food and the dangers that feeding your pet certain foods can have. Although the quantity of grains in many top dog foods has become a concern that different dog food manufacturers focus on to sell their own pet food, no one seems to be worried about the chemicals that may be present in these foods without being listed on the label. In addition to the chemicals used to grow some of the ingredients, they also contain processed meat, antibiotics, and fillers. The healthy market takes every member of the family into consideration and provides a variety of brands of pet food that are organic and safer for your dog.

A Better Way to Shop for the Environment

Shopping for healthy products at the healthy market is not only good for you and your family; it is also a better choice for the planet. Many of the cleansers and household products we use release harmful chemicals into the environment. They can impact our water and the air we breathe. Any of the cleaners you find at the healthy market are safer for the home, family, and the world we live in.

A Well Balanced Daily Diet Plan for Women

A Well Balanced Daily Diet Plan for Women

It is very important to eat right and on the right time for a healthy life. You should carefully plan your diet, having all the nutrients including carbs, fats, and protein in your plate with minimum numbers of calories. If you want the perfect daily diet plan you should take the Medifast coupons and select the healthy diet plan of your choice!

Here is an ideal diet plan for women, which will provide them enough energy and also keep them healthy and smart:

A Well Balanced Daily Diet Plan for Women


Breakfast can contain the most calories than any meal and the hero of the breakfast must be protein because you burn more calories while digesting proteins.You must have eggs and low-fat dairy products with a slice of bran bread. Proteins make you feel fuller and also increase your metabolism. A woman should never miss her breakfast because it is very important in maintaining a healthy and fit body. You can find a daily plan for healthy breakfast only by using Medifast coupons.

Pre-Lunch Snacks:

Many ladies eat in multiple small portions after every 2 to 3 hours. It helps them manage their blood sugar and satisfy your cravings. If you want to take a mid-morning snack you can have fruits or oatmeals.


A healthy lunch should include proteins and carbs because carbs will provide energy to your body. The best option is to eat some white meat (chicken or fish) with a tasty vegetable salad and a whole grain toast. A healthy lunch can be prepared in several ways which you can find by availing the Medifast coupons.

Evening snacks:

Ladies, try to satisfy your evening food cravings with some fresh seasonal fruits. A handful of dried fruits or nuts are also a good option because they contain healthy fats. You should also take fresh juices in the evening. Fill your cupboard and fridge with the low-calorie nibbles which do not add up your calories.


Dinner should be taken before 8 pm and must be very light and healthy. You can take carbs cooked in healthy fats e.g. coconut oil. Your body will use these healthy fats to provide nourishment to your hair and skin. Do take salad also, you can prepare it with colorful vegetables that are easily available and can also add fish or meat per your liking. Medifast coupons provide you with healthy dinner plans at cheap prices.

This diet schedule will provide you with all the necessary energy needed for your body while keeping you fat-free. You can also find better diet plans by taking the Johnston and Murphy coupon.

3 Grooming Mistakes Commonly Made By Men

3 Grooming Mistakes Commonly Made By Men

At times, social gatherings can get intimidating, not only emotionally, but even physically. People you meet do a screen test (literally). There are so many people who simply judge you by the way you appear. And here comes the importance of staying well groomed. However, the most important point here is to get groomed the right way. Eliminating and undoing with the wrong grooming traits is what that is absolutely needed.

3 Grooming Mistakes Commonly Made By Men

Thankfully, with a plethora of grooming essentials offered by a supplier for men’s grooming products Australia things have become easy. You can choose all those products that will help you groom yourself in an effortless way. But irrespective of all these facilities men are often found to commit mistakes that mar their look. To get that dashing look you have to sidestep these mistakes, along with maintaining your body and mind by following a proper lifestyle.

3 Grooming Mistakes to Avoid

Get rid of these grooming mistakes and look fit and attractive, both emotionally and physically!

Unkempt Mustaches and Beard

If your workplace permits you to go about with that big ol’ beard and those mustaches, then possibly there is nothing wrong with it. However, if it gets messy, you look quite uninviting and untidy! So, it’s a complete no-no!

This is why from time to time keep trimming the edges of the mustaches and beard. You got to keep them in good shape. All that you would need is a good trimmer and a good comb and you are good to go with the trimming bit. Ensure that the length of your beard is of the right, uniform length, and you should keep tab of the outline. This way it would give you a crisp and appealing appearance.

Inadequately Groomed Beard

Does trimming beard even matter? Actually, it does matter for those men who sport them. You would require keeping it in check. As a matter of fact, in 2008, a study in the University of New South Wales revealed that women get more attracted to men who have well kept facial hair than those who are cleanly shaven. It makes men look attractive.

However, if you prefer this style, make sure that you maintain it too. Keep trimming your beard as and when needed, if you want it to work out right for you. To get over with the hung-over look, maintaining your beard is but a must!

Messy Eyebrows

One of the most essential features of your face is your eyebrows. They depict a huge range of emotions for humans. A well kept, properly separated and clearly defined eyebrows do look much better and cleaner anytime. Guys who have control over their brows are anytime better in expressing themselves.

Just take a few minutes out of your schedule at home, and invest in a brow shaving kit. There are tons of trimmers available in the market which will help to bless you with a tidy look. Right above the bridge of your nose make a clear separation.

It is the time to get over the mistakes you have been making for years and heed attention towards grooming.

The Costs Associated with Stocking Your Pub

The Costs Associated with Stocking Your Pub

For a successful business, you must control costs, especially if you’re running a restaurant or pub. When you’re serving food or drinks, you need fresh, high-quality stock on hand to offer your customers. Although there are three cost factors when ordering supplies, knowing how to keep control of the stock you need on hand can help your business make a profit and keep its doors open.

The Costs Associated with Stocking Your Pub

Inventory Control Factors

There are three main cost factors involved when it comes to controlling the inventory for your business:

  • Costs of keeping stock on hand.
  • Costs involved with placing orders.
  • Costs associated with being short of stock.
  • While all three factors are important to control, many inexperienced pub and
  • restaurant owners may be unaware of the hidden costs of keeping stock on hand.

Costs of Stock on Hand

When you place an order for supplies, whether it is beer, food, or barware, you don’t want to over order and have too much stock on hand. Even if the items are non-perishable, it costs money to keep too much stock in your storerooms. Keeping perishable items stored too long can also affect the quality of the dishes coming out of the kitchen and the drinks you serve.

Among the costs associated with having too much stock on hand are spoilage, breakage, and warehousing.

Spoilage Costs

If you buy more fresh food than you can use in a week, your business will lose some money due to food spoilage. You are literally throwing money away when food goes bad, which can be prevented by having a good point of sale (POS) system. A POS system can help you maintain inventory levels for any pub supplies you need, including food, cleaning supplies, and dishes.

Breakage Costs

You will also lose some money due to breakage, which is harder to control because accidents can happen at any time. The dishwasher may accidentally drop a soapy plate or the bartender may drop a glass when pouring a drink. Although you do want to keep some supplies on hand to replace broken dishes, you don’t want to take up too much space in your stockroom.

Warehousing Costs

Warehousing is another cost associated with keeping stock on hand. If you are keeping bottles of liquor you rarely sell or too many towels or bar glasses in the stockroom, then you may be taking up space you could use for other purposes, such as stock that comes in on a weekly basis. Along with the costs of the inventory, you also have to consider the costs of rent, electricity, and energy when warehousing extra supplies for your business.

Fortunately, a good POS system can track your inventory and keep you informed of how much you’re selling, what you have on hand, and what you need to order. It should be used along with other inventory control measures to help you control costs, reduce losses, and help your business make a profit so it can be successful.

Where to Contact the Best Plastic Surgery in Sydney

Where to Contact the Best Plastic Surgery in Sydney

Do you look old and tired due to those sagging eyelids? Eyelid surgery provides a chance for you to change the way your eyes and face look. It can give you a youthful look by removing the droopiness of the eye bags. But you need to go through the surgeon’s blade first, and there could be some risks associated with it. For an eyelid surgery with reduced risks, choose an expert surgeon in Sydney.

Where to Contact the Best Plastic Surgery in Sydney

Find the best surgeon in Sydney

Sydney is a very popular destination among people who want to remove their sagging eyelids through eyelid surgery. The place does not only boasts amazing sports but it is also home to the finest surgeons. Ideally, expert surgeons in Sydney have a sensitive understanding of all the aspects of the eyelid surgery, along with the risks involved. Here’s how you choose the best plastic surgery Sydney:


Nothing rivals to experience in terms of looking for an eyelid surgeon. Hence, you should never be afraid to ask about your prospective surgeon’s experience and background. Experience translates to the idea that the eyelid surgeon has already been able to perform eyelid surgeries and other types of procedures in the past. Hiring an experienced surgeon is a great way to avoid the possible risks and complications that are involved in a cosmetic eyelid surgery.


A knowledgeable and skilled surgeon has the higher chance to provide a successful surgery. It’s a wise move to go out and conduct a separate interview to a few surgeons before making up your mind. Keep in mind that there are some eyelid surgeons in Sydney that are better qualified compared to the others.

Open to discussion

More than just telling you how must does a cosmetic eyelid surgery cost, a reliable surgeon needs to be open to discussion. Don’t forget that you are establishing a relationship with your surgeon around trust. Simply put, it’s not a good idea to settle in an eyelid surgeon who keeps on giving you only a single option. Instead, choose one who can give you several suggestions.

Options offered

Although blepharoplasty may be a good option, there are also other procedures such as laser surgery. Hence, look into all the possible options as much as possible and discern which one is the best choice for you. If you are not sure which service is right for you, then don’t be scared to ask advice from your surgeon. You might also want to visit some websites and view eye lift before and after photos.

Know the difference

Ideally, eyelid surgeons are not the same as there are different types of eyelid problems that they need to work on. Hence, you really need to choose a board-certified surgeon if you want a specialized procedure to remove those droopy eyelids around your eyes. Don’t forget to review the surgeon’s credentials as well as his training in this type of work.

A reliable surgeon in Sydney gladly welcomes you to raise your questions regarding eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is meant to give you a permanent result and you’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life. Simply put, there’s no point of settling for something less. If you’re hunting for the best surgeons to give you a successful blepharoplasty, Sydney is the best place for you.

My Hair Is Thinning. Do You Think It’s Time for Hair Extensions?

My Hair Is Thinning. Do You Think It’s Time for Hair Extensions

There are lots of reasons why people suffer from thinning hair. It is thought that the rising number of women suffering from alopecia could be down to the ever-mounting level of stress, chemicals, pollution and toxins in our food. Women in their early twenties and younger are finding that their hair is thinning, so if you are among them you are not alone. You may not even know that the women are suffering from hair loss because they hide it well. They use hair extensions.

My Hair Is Thinning. Do You Think It’s Time for Hair Extensions

Not just for the stars

Although hair extensions in the past have been something you see stars adoring and can clearly tell they are fake, it’s the people you don’t even know are wearing them that are the more likely candidates. The lady who cuts your hair in the salon, the mom with the beautiful long tresses that passes you each day and even the stylish 40 something women that everyone aspires to look like at her age.

Huge variety available

Hair extensions are available in a variety of colors, hair types, and styles. You can buy different types that are either adhered to other hairs using a special type of glue, those that are attached using braids and others that can be clipped in and out in a matter of minutes. This gives versatility allowing the style to be changed each and every day from a short bob to long healthy tresses. With the different varieties on the market, there is something to suit everyone, even women that are going grey gracefully but want to bring back the volume of younger years.

Heated styling

The more modern hair extensions can be styled using heated tools allowing you to adapt them to the style you wish to have. You can have real hair extensions or instead choose those made from synthetic materials which are generally cheaper but can look just as good. You can add highlights to add volume and style without damaging your thinning hair further by using chemical treatments like bleach and hair dye.

Stay put throughout the day

Hair extensions stay in well throughout the day, unlike wigs that can slip and do more harm than good if they get noticed. The clips used for removable hair extensions are so small that they cannot be noticed. People will genuinely think that it is your own hair. If you want to break the mold and have always wanted a bright color you can do that too without damaging your real hair. You can wear the hair extensions to the gym, work, a night out or just in the home for your own confidence. They can be worn anywhere. They are available with plastic and metal clips so you don’t have to worry about the metal being detected at airports so that you have to explain that you are wearing them.

Why risk damaging your hair if it is already thinking when there are solutions that will give you own hair time to repair without causing further problems. It’s a superior solution to wigs and can look as natural as you want it to by colour and style matching.

The Various Hues of Hindu Weddings

The Various Hues of Hindu Weddings

Although Hindu marriages are the point of focus in this blog, many of the readers will find that there are various points of similarities in weddings of all religions; they are just known by different names and are carried out in slightly altered manners. There is no doubt that weddings are events to be celebrated in all parts of the world, and Indian weddings, irrespective of religion, are stunning in terms of their hidden meanings and array of colors.

The Various Hues of Hindu Weddings

You can send flowers to Jaipur as a wonderful gift on the occasion of the marriage of your friends or family members because those flowers will only add to the beauty of the place. Colorful flowers are marvelous because they can be used in so many different rituals in weddings! Here are some common rituals and the colors associated with them:

Misri- This incredibly sweet ritual is actually a part of almost all Indian weddings and even in the western ones too! Popularly known as the engagement ceremony, this is where the bride and the groom exchange rings. The primary colour that can be associated with this ritual is white because of the main ingredient used in the ritual – misri, or sweet, white rock sugar. This is given b the families of the bride and groom to the soon to be wed couple so that their wedded life will be as sweet as the rock sugar that is fed by the family members!

Sangeet – Even those who have not heard of this ritual through their relatives or elders would have heard it on television, thanks to a popular face cream ad! One of the important rituals of Hindu weddings, this is also one of the most colorful ones that is usually lasting for a whole day. More important from the bride’s point of view, this is the day when there are plenty of songs and dances that are played out towards the evening. The bride and her friends and most of the other female family members get together and spend a gala time together. The color associated with this ritual? There are too many to be listed! This is a multi-hued ritual that consists of bright colors such as dark green, blue, yellow, red, maroon, and orange.

Mehendi–A day before the wedding ceremony, the bride is settled in the middle of a large, open space on a comfortable chair or divan, and her friends and family apply a paste of turmeric, besan, and water, mixed with a little bit of rose water. This supposed to be an auspicious ritual because turmeric holds a lot of value in many Hindu ceremonies too. Apart from having divine importance, haldi is also a popular event because it involves a lot of playfulness and joviality while applying haldi to the bride’s face, arms, and feet. Turmeric is also excellent in keeping the skin clear and glowing.

Whether you are opting for a flower bouquet delivery in Jaipur or a part of an Indian wedding, you will surely be a part of a colorful process, which ends in a display of warmth, love, and complete freshness!