3 Easy Ways to Give Your Cushion Covers a Vintage Look


Want to spruce up your home? Feel it lacks that luster? Or does it just look out of date or plain boring? But with the recession, you have little to spend on home décor. So why not instead re-use your old cushions covers and give them a vintage look by adding fabrics trims, applique, and ribbons. Read on for a few ideas to get you inspired.

3 Easy Ways to Give Your Cushion Covers a Vintage Look

Add A Gorgeous Fabric Slip:

A fabric slip has the very potential to make your old and boring cushions look exquisitely vintage. To create a slip for your sofa pillow covers, choose a fabric that goes well with your décor scheme. Using some shimmery, floral or glitzy fabric can serve the purpose for you.

Slips look better when done vertically on the cushion covers. This then gives the impression of a fabric that is sewed on in the center of the cushions. You just need to add some lace trims or luxurious velvet onto the longest sides and your cushion cover and you will have that needed vintage look without any help from a designer.

Add Ribbons/Trims:

Another simple way to beautify your cushion cover and give them a vintage look is by using fabric trims or ribbons. Accumulate a selection or ribbons and the fabric trims that complement each other so as to achieve the desired look. A beautiful look that you can opt for is using colored and patterned ribbons or the fabric trims alternatively. One wise way of doing this is using 5 different fabric trims or ribbons that can be of different colors, patterns and width so as to achieve a fashionable and an aesthetically appealing look.

Add Buttons:

Under this, you need to bring out all those beautiful and attractive buttons that you have saved in your kitty for all these years. It is also a very good example of recycling your old buttons. Buttons can be highly versatile as you can embellish them using your own design or sew buttons into a simple pattern at equal distances.

Circular appliqués designs work well using a variety of button sizes and sequins. Whilst pearl or gemstone buttons look nice sewed into lines at equal distances. Remember to opt for buttons that don’t stick out, you want them to be comfortable after all! Take note, here you’ll have to hand sew the buttons with the help of a needle.

Final Say

You can use either of the three methods to give your modern designed cushion a new and vintage look. For all, you creative chaps put on your creative hats and create something that looks all the way vintage. In case you lack on the creative front, you can directly buy the vintage cushion covers online. There are online handmade stores like that stock a great range of handmade and vintage cushion covers that are both appealing and alluring. The best part is all of these cushion covers are unique and original in every form.

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