4 Ways to Stretch you’re Online Shopping Budget


Let’s face it; you’re doing more shopping online because it saves you time from driving around from store to store, or you just don’t want to be bothered with the long lines. Whatever reason it may be, online shopping can be cheaper. Just because you can save a bit does not mean you should dismiss the idea of how to stretch those dollars. Below are four ways to stretch your online shopping budget.

4 Ways to Stretch you’re Online Shopping Budget

Keep a List of Must Have Items Nearby

Just like grocery shopping, you always want to keep a list of must-have items nearby. This keeps you from impulsive buying habits. This list should be your approved buying list, so you know if you do catch an item on sale, you can purchase it without hesitation.

Create a Google Alert

Google can be your friend in more ways than one. Many people are unaware of Google Alert. Google Alert is a great way to have a notification sent to your email the instant a particular term is picked up on Google. For instance, you can have coupon codes, deal alerts, and helpful product reviews in your inbox daily. All you need to do is go to Google.com/alerts and set up as many alerts as you’d like. You can set them up by:

  • Brand name
  • Store name
  • Type of product
  • Keywords such as “deal” + “toilet tissue” or “review” + “brand name”
  • Google Alerts allows you to set your alerts up once a day, as it happens, or once a week. Now, just watch the savings come to you.

Shop from Large E-commerce Sites

Don’t dismiss the large e-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon. eBay also offers auction sales as well. You can also shop on wholesale sites such as AliExpress and Alibaba. Look for sellers that offer free shipping or learn how to work their dollar minimum order amount for free shipping.

These sites offer options to buy in bulk as well. If you have a large family or just know you’ll use these products more so than others, be sure to buy them when you can. If you are low on funds, compare your options and take out a loan to cover them. Here, you can get more information on the best loan types for your situation.

Combine Coupon Codes and Free Shipping

Don’t forget to use your coupon codes. There are some sites that are also dedicated to offering free shipping. If the site has an online chat option, ask those representatives for a free shipping code. Use a free 30-day trial at Shop Runner to get free two-day shipping. Also, major stores in the area may offer online shopping and allow you to ship to the store or pickup locally in a few hours. The deals would only be offered online, so take advantage of those offers. Other coupon codes can be found on sites such as Coupons.com, Retail Me Not, and Slickdeals.

You truly can stretch your online shopping budget by finding the best deals. Don’t shop for the sole purpose of a deal being online. Ensure it’s worth your money.

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