A Well Balanced Daily Diet Plan for Women


It is very important to eat right and on the right time for a healthy life. You should carefully plan your diet, having all the nutrients including carbs, fats, and protein in your plate with minimum numbers of calories. If you want the perfect daily diet plan you should take the Medifast coupons and select the healthy diet plan of your choice!

Here is an ideal diet plan for women, which will provide them enough energy and also keep them healthy and smart:

A Well Balanced Daily Diet Plan for Women


Breakfast can contain the most calories than any meal and the hero of the breakfast must be protein because you burn more calories while digesting proteins.You must have eggs and low-fat dairy products with a slice of bran bread. Proteins make you feel fuller and also increase your metabolism. A woman should never miss her breakfast because it is very important in maintaining a healthy and fit body. You can find a daily plan for healthy breakfast only by using Medifast coupons.

Pre-Lunch Snacks:

Many ladies eat in multiple small portions after every 2 to 3 hours. It helps them manage their blood sugar and satisfy your cravings. If you want to take a mid-morning snack you can have fruits or oatmeals.


A healthy lunch should include proteins and carbs because carbs will provide energy to your body. The best option is to eat some white meat (chicken or fish) with a tasty vegetable salad and a whole grain toast. A healthy lunch can be prepared in several ways which you can find by availing the Medifast coupons.

Evening snacks:

Ladies, try to satisfy your evening food cravings with some fresh seasonal fruits. A handful of dried fruits or nuts are also a good option because they contain healthy fats. You should also take fresh juices in the evening. Fill your cupboard and fridge with the low-calorie nibbles which do not add up your calories.


Dinner should be taken before 8 pm and must be very light and healthy. You can take carbs cooked in healthy fats e.g. coconut oil. Your body will use these healthy fats to provide nourishment to your hair and skin. Do take salad also, you can prepare it with colorful vegetables that are easily available and can also add fish or meat per your liking. Medifast coupons provide you with healthy dinner plans at cheap prices.

This diet schedule will provide you with all the necessary energy needed for your body while keeping you fat-free. You can also find better diet plans by taking the Johnston and Murphy coupon.

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