Four Reasons to Replace Old Hand Dryers with Modern Versions


Most property owners are well past the stage of transitioning from the expensive costs associated with using paper towels in their bathrooms to installing hand dryers. But many of these property owners are currently in a situation where their hand dryers have become old and therefore need replacing. If this is a situation that you are currently in, here are four of the main reasons you should replace old hand dryers with modern versions.

Four Reasons to Replace Old Hand Dryers with Modern Versions

Increased Energy Efficiency

The number one reason you should replace old hand dryers with modern versions is that of the increased energy efficiency that most modern options provide. Many older hand dryers were manufactured in a time where the utility costs associated with operating them were not even taken into consideration.

Today, however, the world is much more environmentally conscious than it has ever been. This has led to the need for modern products to be as energy efficient as possible. With modern hand dryers, such as those offered at, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this increased energy efficiency while also decreasing your utility costs.

More Sanitary

Another reason that you should make the commitment to replace old hand dryers is that most modern versions are much more sanitary. Today’s manufacturers understand that hand dryers need to be created in a way that makes them as sanitary as possible.

This commitment to being sanitary can lead to creating a bathroom environment that is much more comfortable for patrons. While this may not seem like a big deal, the potential consequences of having an unsanitary bathroom on your property can literally be deadly.

More Effective

Not only are modern hand dryers more energy efficient and sanitary than older versions, but they are also much more effective. Most hand dryers manufactured today are designed to have fast drying times while maintaining low energy usage, which makes them the optimal hand drying solution for any bathroom.

It should also be noted that the increased effectiveness and sanitary benefits associated with modern hand dryers make patrons much more likely to use them. In the past, many patrons would simply avoid washing their hands or avoid drying them after washing. This increased the chance of spreading germs and potentially even diseases.

With today’s hand dryers, patrons see that they are much more inviting and effective, which raises the likelihood that they will be used. This further increases the sanitary benefits that come with them.

Enhance Your Image

If you are a property owner that wants patrons to feel as if they are in a top-notch environment, the quality and appeal of your bathrooms is something that has to be taken into consideration. While the look and feel of your hand dryers are something that you may not think is significant, it will undoubtedly be one of the subtleties that patrons notice when visiting your property or business.

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