Great Clothes for Snowy Days


Lots of us have already had snow this winter and, with the right gear to wear, it doesn’t have to be an inconvenience and it can even be a lot of fun.

The most important part of your snow-proof outfit is going to be your footwear. Boots are essential so the snow’s got no chance of getting over the top and they’ll have to be completely waterproof too. Don’t just plump for wellies – they may be waterproof but they’re not very warm.

There are lots of fantastic boots with fleece or faux fur linings and zip or lace fastenings, many of which come in a choice of colors. All have rugged, grippy soles to keep you safe and sure on snow and ice. Boots designed specifically for snow are lighter in weight than all-weather boots but are still great at their job.

Great Clothes for Snowy Days

If you’re out while snow is falling, you’re going to need a warm waterproof layer so you don’t end up cold and wet. Faux fur coats are ideal as its outer repels moisture while the wadding inside offers insulation.

Fleece and faux shearling are both lovely for warm jackets and will keep you cozy as long as you only wear them once it’s stopped snowing.

Bear in mind that you might want to wear extra layers underneath your Harrington jacket – check the sizing and, if in doubt, get a bigger size than you might choose for indoor clothes. Knee-length coats are lovely for walks but short ones are better for snowball fights!

Waterproof trousers keep your legs dry in a way that no coat can and lined ones are also warm – ideal for walking in a snowstorm or taking a tumble from your sled! Fleece makes a great lining as it traps air to create another insulating layer but it is also very breathable and keeps perspiration away from the body.

Unlined ones are also available and can be more versatile – wear them over your usual trousers and get the use of them all year round. What you choose depends on you and your lifestyle as well as the weather.

Boots and a coat are snowy days basics and waterproof trousers are a good investment. You’ll probably want to wear a fleece lined hat and knitted gloves too which stop you losing heat through your extremities and always look so cheerful. There are loads of well-designed clothes to keep you dry in the snow.. and some delicious hot chocolate for when you get back inside.

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