My Hair Is Thinning. Do You Think It’s Time for Hair Extensions?


There are lots of reasons why people suffer from thinning hair. It is thought that the rising number of women suffering from alopecia could be down to the ever-mounting level of stress, chemicals, pollution and toxins in our food. Women in their early twenties and younger are finding that their hair is thinning, so if you are among them you are not alone. You may not even know that the women are suffering from hair loss because they hide it well. They use hair extensions.

My Hair Is Thinning. Do You Think It’s Time for Hair Extensions

Not just for the stars

Although hair extensions in the past have been something you see stars adoring and can clearly tell they are fake, it’s the people you don’t even know are wearing them that are the more likely candidates. The lady who cuts your hair in the salon, the mom with the beautiful long tresses that passes you each day and even the stylish 40 something women that everyone aspires to look like at her age.

Huge variety available

Hair extensions are available in a variety of colors, hair types, and styles. You can buy different types that are either adhered to other hairs using a special type of glue, those that are attached using braids and others that can be clipped in and out in a matter of minutes. This gives versatility allowing the style to be changed each and every day from a short bob to long healthy tresses. With the different varieties on the market, there is something to suit everyone, even women that are going grey gracefully but want to bring back the volume of younger years.

Heated styling

The more modern hair extensions can be styled using heated tools allowing you to adapt them to the style you wish to have. You can have real hair extensions or instead choose those made from synthetic materials which are generally cheaper but can look just as good. You can add highlights to add volume and style without damaging your thinning hair further by using chemical treatments like bleach and hair dye.

Stay put throughout the day

Hair extensions stay in well throughout the day, unlike wigs that can slip and do more harm than good if they get noticed. The clips used for removable hair extensions are so small that they cannot be noticed. People will genuinely think that it is your own hair. If you want to break the mold and have always wanted a bright color you can do that too without damaging your real hair. You can wear the hair extensions to the gym, work, a night out or just in the home for your own confidence. They can be worn anywhere. They are available with plastic and metal clips so you don’t have to worry about the metal being detected at airports so that you have to explain that you are wearing them.

Why risk damaging your hair if it is already thinking when there are solutions that will give you own hair time to repair without causing further problems. It’s a superior solution to wigs and can look as natural as you want it to by colour and style matching.

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