The Various Hues of Hindu Weddings


Although Hindu marriages are the point of focus in this blog, many of the readers will find that there are various points of similarities in weddings of all religions; they are just known by different names and are carried out in slightly altered manners. There is no doubt that weddings are events to be celebrated in all parts of the world, and Indian weddings, irrespective of religion, are stunning in terms of their hidden meanings and array of colors.

The Various Hues of Hindu Weddings

You can send flowers to Jaipur as a wonderful gift on the occasion of the marriage of your friends or family members because those flowers will only add to the beauty of the place. Colorful flowers are marvelous because they can be used in so many different rituals in weddings! Here are some common rituals and the colors associated with them:

Misri- This incredibly sweet ritual is actually a part of almost all Indian weddings and even in the western ones too! Popularly known as the engagement ceremony, this is where the bride and the groom exchange rings. The primary colour that can be associated with this ritual is white because of the main ingredient used in the ritual – misri, or sweet, white rock sugar. This is given b the families of the bride and groom to the soon to be wed couple so that their wedded life will be as sweet as the rock sugar that is fed by the family members!

Sangeet – Even those who have not heard of this ritual through their relatives or elders would have heard it on television, thanks to a popular face cream ad! One of the important rituals of Hindu weddings, this is also one of the most colorful ones that is usually lasting for a whole day. More important from the bride’s point of view, this is the day when there are plenty of songs and dances that are played out towards the evening. The bride and her friends and most of the other female family members get together and spend a gala time together. The color associated with this ritual? There are too many to be listed! This is a multi-hued ritual that consists of bright colors such as dark green, blue, yellow, red, maroon, and orange.

Mehendi–A day before the wedding ceremony, the bride is settled in the middle of a large, open space on a comfortable chair or divan, and her friends and family apply a paste of turmeric, besan, and water, mixed with a little bit of rose water. This supposed to be an auspicious ritual because turmeric holds a lot of value in many Hindu ceremonies too. Apart from having divine importance, haldi is also a popular event because it involves a lot of playfulness and joviality while applying haldi to the bride’s face, arms, and feet. Turmeric is also excellent in keeping the skin clear and glowing.

Whether you are opting for a flower bouquet delivery in Jaipur or a part of an Indian wedding, you will surely be a part of a colorful process, which ends in a display of warmth, love, and complete freshness!

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