Think of Something Different When Buying Birthday Gifts for Him


Men can be difficult to buy for. Women tend to resort to buying clothes, DVD’s or books for the men in their life which are all good gifts, however, they are a just a bit of the functional side and not that memorable. The practical gifts can wait for Christmas when you have many more people to buy for and a smaller budget per person, but for his birthday, I think a little more effort can be made.

Men are encouraged to take better care of themselves these days. Long gone are the days when a quick shave and a stinging splash of Old Spice was the mark of a man.

Think of Something Different When Buying Birthday Gifts for Him

However, go back further than the 1970’s you will find that gentleman’s shaving shops and apothecaries were very much in demand. D R Harris opened its St James Pharmacy over 200 years ago and still makes many of its famous D R Harris facial products on the premises. An integral part of a man looking after himself is to have a really good shave.

They may take some convincing regarding this concept, after all, if all they have ever used is a can of shaving foam and a disposable razor, they will be unaware of the kind of smooth shave they can get by using a better quality of razor, shaving brush and shaving soap or cream.

A high-quality shaving set consists of a weighted razor for a smoother finish and a badger shaving brush which is the benchmark for all shaving brushes and gives a smoother shave than a synthetic brush.

Edwin Jagger are leading the way with their high-quality shaving sets. For the ultimate luxury you can purchase a shaving set from their Chatsworth or Plaza collections, or if you want quality at a reasonable price, opt for their contemporary range which will be an investment that will last for years. Once the man in your life has used one of these Edwin Jagger Shaving Kits combined with their luxurious shaving soaps or creams he will never want to use anything else. Now that really is the gift that will last for years.

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