Removing Water spots from Car Paint


A better way is to avoid those water spots being left on your car’s paint finish after washing the car. Water spots are sometimes hard to see especially when really clean water has been used to rinse the car then wiped off with clean rag or cloth.

Washing the car under the sun is the frequent cause of having those water spots. When it is really hot you will notice while wiping water residue from the car finish you could see steam coming off the area. This is like the last film of water being “cooked” under the sun on your car’s body and will sometimes look like streaks. Water spot traces often occur on the tops of the car, directly exposed to the sun.

Removing Water spots from Car Paint

While wiping water off with a single cloth, water is being absorbed making the cloth damp. Continuously wiping the car with same damp cloth causes some film of water being left behind on the paint. When it dries off water spot or mark would be evident.

This could be avoided by using two or more dry cloths as the follow-up after you’ve wiped with the first one. Another way would be using old newspaper but you will need to use a lot of it. Newspaper is best to use on windshields and glass to avoid water marks, streaks or spots if there’s no rubber spatula for that purpose.

Removing the Water Spots

Now, to get those water spots off from the cars paint finish will require good eyes. You will need to view the car closely from different angles and distances to find them. The water spots are easier to see after the car has just been washed.

If they have been there for several hours you will need to dust off the car to see them. When you are ready to wipe away those water spots or marks, be sure to have in one hand a damp sponge or cloth with a dry cloth or newspaper in the other hand.

Lightly rub the water spot with the damp cloth or sponge until you see marks gone then immediately wipe the area with dry cloth or newspaper. Remember here that we are only dealing with water spots or marks. For other substances or liquids that have dried or stained your cars paint finish, this might not work on some of them.

After getting rid of the water spots it is advisable to buff the entire car finish over. While the car is clean and devoid of watermarks, a good way to avoid water spots in the future is to apply a good quality car paint wax.

Apply the car wax under a shade to avoid streaking or premature drying of the wax that might be difficult to buff away. Be sure to follow instructions in buffing the wax. It prevents water from sticking on the paint even letting small drops of water roll off the car’s paint.

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